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Apartment for rent in Tay Ho, Hanoi. Westlake Apartments in Tay Ho.

Thảo luận trong 'Họp Chợ Buôn Bán Linh Tinh Khác' bắt đầu bởi th0036, 8/1/18.

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    Our website provides many properties to rent in Hanoi. Finding an apartment is not difficult by using our services with our local deep the years of experiences in real estate. Many options offered from studios to four bedrooms, penthouse, duplex or triple apartments with flexible lease length in Tay Ho area as well as in Hanoi surroudings - apartment for rent in Tay Ho

    We can mention some luxury fully furnished apartments in Hanoi in high class buildings or complexes such as Sedona suites, Westlake Elegant suites, Fraser suites, Hanoi club, Hanoi lakeview, Somerset or Golden westlake. You can choose one of the apartments ownered by the landlord or managed by companies in Tay Ho area such as Truc Bach, Yen Phu, Nghi Tam, Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Quang An etc, but less cheaper in monthly rentals.

    Please select one of our latest listings in Hanoi below to find your dream home in Tay Ho district. We also suggest some areas nearby Tay Ho area for you, your family or your friends: apartments for rent in Ba Dinh, apartments for rent in Cau Giay, apartments for rent in Long Bien, or apartments for rent in Hoan Kiem etc.

    So give us your requirements, a shortlist will be sent to you as soon as possible or visit apartments in Tay Ho for further options updated.
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